Fear is a Gift  (BlogSpot)

Fear is a Gift  (BlogSpot)

Fear is a haunting thing. It can lie dormant in our subconscious until we are ready

to face whatever it is holding us back.

Fear is an emotion that is very subjective. It can stifle our own progress but there are

insights and strategies that can help us triumph over them.

Being more confident is not as simple as flicking a switch . There’s no quick and easy

answer. We’re talking about changing thoughts, beliefs and habits that have been

hardwired into our brains.

It takes hard work to improve your self-esteem, however confidence is built slowly,

one success at a time. The most important step in building self-confidence is

simply to take action. Working on something and getting it done.

Most of us are scared of something.

You gain strength, courage and confidence when you conquer your fears . As a

person who lives with epilepsy, my fear is having a seizure on stage in front of

thousands of people. Yet I continue to present.

My passion as a Professional Speaker and educator allows me to give back to

others to help them grow skills, knowledge, resilience and confidence. We all

need a purpose, so I made the choice not just to face my fears… but to live my

fears, in order to follow my purpose and be of service to others.

Our industry is not actually much different from others, except the amount

of interaction we have with people helps develop our communication skills

and emotional intelligence further . We deal with challenging situations such

as difficult clients and motivating our team members, which can sometime

affect our confidence levels.

If you want to be successful in business, then surround yourself with happiness

and optimism and eliminate any negative energy around you . Are those

in your life helping to push you? Model yourself on those at a higher level

because you don’t want to gain advice from those not living and performing

at the level you want to be.

What habits and belief systems are you willing to challenge within yourself

in order to be the best version of you? Are you pushing yourself out of your

comfort zone and facing your fears?

The only way to truly develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear the most!

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