Hairdressing Career Advice from Tracey Hughes

Hairdressing Career Advice from Tracey Hughes

We take a look at the many facets a career in hairdressing affords, from creative to corporate to education and entrepreneur. Motivator and mentor, Tracey Hughes gives us her insights into the ever changing opportunities in hairdressing, discovers Cameron Pine.

Leading the industry with an entrepreneurial spirit and constantly pulling at the heartstrings of mentorship, Tracey Hughes is testament to the many pathways a stylist can take in the hairdressing industry. You may have specific aspirations, or have no concise direction yet, or you are happy behind the chair. Whatever your goals you may have, Tracey shares some of her valuable insights into the countless opportunities within the industry.

From notable highs and lows along the way, Tracey has maintained a positive mindset and continued to inspire thousands worldwide.

A hairdresser, educator, salon owner, fashion week hair director, international artistic director, multi-award winner, an awards judge, business coach, a media advisor, a brand consultant, keynote speaker, global education director, executive board director, global vice president, and a leader in education and digital transformation are just some of the many hats our leading lady has worn.

We chatted to Tracey about her journey and the many insights she can offer from her inimitable experiences.

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