Me, Myself and I (BlogSpot)

Me, Myself and I (BlogSpot)

And quite often that really sucks to have to go through or deal with. But regardless of how challenging something is, it’s always our reaction to it that will dictate how much it is going to impact our lives.

This game called life is your and yours alone.

From our own internal perspective, the whole world revolves around us. There are 7 billion people who see it the same way. While we are not all inherently selfish or self-obsessed, we are all far more concerned with how we are perceived by others than how we perceive them.

To unjustly lay blame towards a circumstance or another person may seem relieving, yet in the long term it really takes it’s toll. The less you take responsibility for your actions and decision making, the weaker you become mentally.

As a motivational business Speaker I often get asked to talk about resilience.

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity and overcoming  stress. It simply means bouncing back from difficult experiences.

We believe that the longer we tough it out, the tougher we are, and therefore the more successful we will be. However, this entire conception is scientifically inaccurate as resilience is about how to recharge, not endure.

The key to resilience is trying really hard, then stopping, allowing time to heal, recovering, and then trying again.

I believe taking responsibility for your happiness is a choice. Being accountable for your choices is a decision.

Social media is influencing all of us to be more disconnected than we’ve ever been before through the illusion of increased connection. Yes, we are able to communicate with thousands of people with ease, but with what depth?

The reality is social media isn’t reality, Therefore, is social media robbing us of real life experiences or do we regress to what the digital world has to offer?

Build a life founded on giving back to others, believe in honesty, and a run business founded on integrity and it will strengthen your ability to tackle challenges when they do arise.

Dream big, play big and take risks because there is nothing riskier than complacency.

Relationships are an extension of our happiness and not the bases of it, so focus on strengthening the most important relationship… the once with yourself.

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