Women in Leadership with Tracey Hughes

Women in Leadership with Tracey Hughes

Australian Hair Industry Hall of Fame recipient Tracey Hughes has a reputation for being an expert in education strategy, leadership communications, personal branding and being an all-around Rockstar in the industry.

After moving to the states, Tracey took note of all the amazing things her friends were doing and saw the need to create a platform to showcase these smart, successful, and confident women. Leading Ladies was born. We caught up with Tracey at the International Beauty Show in NYC to get her perspective on women in leadership.

Why do you think women in leadership is important for the beauty industry?

Over 85% of our industry is female driven. If we have valuable experiences and we can share them, then it’s important to do that. True leadership is giving back selflessly. We should be encouraging others to have the life of their dreams; to achieve their great career aspirations; to really be a leader of their own space. Developing those leadership skills for their own personal development also leads to business success.

Why do women make such great leaders?

The depth of emotional intelligence they have is really powerful. We can have intellect, we can have knowledge…but bringing the emotional connection into a leadership role is crucial. If we can use that emotion wisely, by thinking things through logically instead of reacting right away– that’s the key to great leadership.

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